Our Team

Kumar Sukhani

Co-founder and CEO

Startup enthusiast. Travelling and Adventure are the things close to him, Kumar is a Golang expert and loves startup as much as he loves nature. He wants the nature to be restored, been to Google summer of code and teaches youngsters to dream big. His abilities to solve complex problems and handle technical acumen makes him the go to person for any problem. A techie at heart, he would go miles to maintain a healthy amount of chaos in the office.

Sandeep Sukhani

CTO and Blockchain Developer

Being technology enthusiast and blockchain developer, Sandeep is consistently devotes time for new trends in technologies. He could be seen reading books or working on social cause in free time. Food and water are some of the causes close to his heart. Being a motivator, he could be seen saying ‘You got a dream, You gotta protect it.’ He is an exceptional player of tennis. His humor and wit would make everyone laugh in the office.

Prasanna Mahajan

Lead Backend Developer

A hardcore programmer and a tea lover, Prasanna would love deadline for the work as he likes the whooshing sound of keyboard as much as music. A tech guy loves talking about mythology, human psychology and geopolitics. Being a curious soul, he could be seen learning on new technologies all the time. A geek at heart, he would prefer to go for a movie and playing violin in spare time.

Komal Sukhani

Blockchain Developer

An avid traveller and a photographer, Komal develops amazing codes for blockchain applications with close eye. Other than work, she could be seen talking about stories, movies and beautiful places. She would love to explore the world of adventures and learn Reiki in free time. Being a positive person, she could be found saying ‘If you can't get rid of bad you have to top it up with goody stuff.’ A person who would go to explore the nature in the weekends

Abhijit Nakate

Backend Developer

Being a coder, Abhijit maintains a keen eye for quality in his codes and makes sure to deliver it ontime. He loves food and listening to the music all the time. He could be seen talking about his dreams. A software developer, he would go extra mile to meet the deadline. A person who would go for a long ride in the weekends, is an avid coding freak.

Sucheta Gulia

Software Developer

A travel freak and a teacher, Sucheta would love to travel around the world and follows trekking as a passion. Being a software developer she would like to make an impact in technology as much as she enjoyed using it. History and space is what she could be seen talking about. On weekends, she would prefer to roaming around city all by herself. Simple, kind and enthusiastic nature makes her an amazing person to talk with.

Vishal Sanap

Growth Hacker

Jack of all trades and entrepreneur at heart, Vishal has started his first venture named Fizzible when he was in the 3rd year of engineering. Give him a problem and he will come up with the solution. Other than business endeavors, a tech savvy guy follows news, economics and finance market. He is an open minded guy and loves to talk about politics, current affairs, science, music and sports. Driven by his wanderlust, he would go miles to see the world.

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