Case Study - Sprung


3 July 2015



Sprung platform is guided real-time interactive and personalized mind wellness solution for the employees in the organization. It helps organizations to manage wellness program efficiently. Sprung provides platform for employees to meet and interact with wellness trainer in real time. It provides online classes and employees can get access of it using smart-tv, personal computer or mobile device. Sprung platform allows organization a flexible monthly spending for employee. Sprung analytics helps program manager to track the spending's and classes accessed by an employee

The Challenge

When the team of Sprung approached us, They needed strong technical team who can implement MVP from scratch within 12 weeks period. Sprung founder told us that the requirement of the project might get changed during the implementation since they were exploring the market needs.


1. Requirement gathering and analysis
2. Translate business use cases into technical specifications.
3. Design backend architecture.
4. Selection of technology stack based on requirement and desired throughput.
5. Build Minimum viable product (MVP).
6. Build an end-to-end app.

Coming up with the solution

We started working on this project and decided to take a module at a time to develop as we were aware of possible requirement changes were on the card. We have chosen golang for implementation as it provides speed and modularity. We decided to keep the implementation simple and robust keeping in mind the real-time interactions of both parties(wellness trainer and employee). So there should not be any kind of lagging in the process.
We have chosen graphql since we decided to keep the same API for different user interfaces like android, web, smart-tv etc. We finished the MVP within 10 weeks and tested all possible use cases across the platforms.

Technology Stack

1. Go
2. Mysql
3. Graphql


1. Google Kubernetes Engine
2. Google Cloud SQL
3. phpMyAdmin


1. Stripe
2. Tokbox
3. Twilio
4. Mandrill
5. GitHub


We came up with the final MVP in 12 weeks and now they are building a product around it. Sprung provides a platform for mind wellness classes to the employees across United States.

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