Case Study - iRYD


7 october 2015



iRYD is an on-demand two-wheeler rental service platform. You can book motorbikes for a very reasonable price and they delivered it to your doorsteps. The founders of iRYD understood that there was a huge market for two wheeler rentals in India.

The Challenge

When founders approached us, they needed a strong tech team who can take the challenge head on with tight deadline of 8 weeks. They wanted to build a platform which would allow users to rent out their motorbikes from an app. We supposed to develop mobile applications where backend server and admin Dashboard completed before the deadline. We need to work on a lot of design iterations to come up with an intuitive design. Within given timeline we had to manage testing as well of the app.


1. Requirement gathering and analysis
2. Translate business use cases into technical specifications.
3. Design backend architecture.
4. Selection of technology stack based on requirement and desired throughput.
5. Build Minimum viable product (MVP).
6. Build an end-to-end app.

Coming up with the solution

We have thrown light on all the factors that should be considered while finalizing the technology stack. We have chosen Golang for backend development keeping in mind a good response time and minimal requirement at the server end. We decided to follow agile development methodology to make sure the deadline of product should be maintained. It allowed us speedy development and help us to keep track of the product timeline. During a development phase, we did a rigorous testing on the app, test all possible use cases and made sure that the app ran seamlessly across devices.

Technology Stack

1. Android SDK
2. Go
3. MongoDB


1. Invision
2. Basecamp
3. Google drive
4. Android studio
5. Sublime Text


1. GitHub
2. MongoDB
3. Docker
5. AWS
6. Pivotal tracker
7. Mobikwik
8. Google play services


After 8 weeks of hard work, we came up with the complete product which changed the way people travel in the city. The operations get started in Bangalore and they were planning to expand in other cities across India.

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