About Us

We are a team of technology enthusiasts working on new technologies to make software solutions robust and scalable. Our goal is to provide state-of-the-art solutions using latest emerging technologies like Golang, Blockchain, Docker, Kubernetes and many others. We are proud of our vibrant work-culture and zealous staff who’s passionate about their work. You can rest assured of quality service because we strive for excellence and never settle for second best. If you are looking for an effective solution to your problem, you are at the right place. Just connect with us, and your queries will be answered.

FStack has worked on
  • Scalable chatbot with thousands of concurrent users
  • Product with more than 80% inbound request and referrals
  • Restaurant table reservation portal that processes over 1,000 orders daily
  • Data security solution processing TBs of data
  • Product with 100% YOY growth.
"What makes Fstack 'A-Team' is that they are right on the spot to capture absolutely everything you want your app to do. We wanted to build an ecosystem around the intra-city last mile connectivity platform and they were just the right people to execute the whole thing. Kudos to you, Guys!"

Yashvant Nijagal

" We have been working with Fstack team for developing the Golang back end of our product for more than 3 months. The team is very competent in building cloud back ends. They clearly understood our requirements, delivered good quality code on time. I would highly recommend the for back-end development

Pinkesh Zaveri

CEO, Sprung

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